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  • What opportunities are available in VLSI?
    There are VLSI product companies as well as VLSI design service companies which provide design services such as design for testability, physical design, logic design etc. There are Also EDA companies that develop tools to support various VLSI design activities so There are several opportunities that exist in these companies for a VLSI engineer.
  • What are the Domains / specializations available in VLSI?
    VLSI design is Basically classified as Frontend and Backend. Frontend consists of Micro-architecture development, Logic Design, RTL Coding, Verification, Synthesis, Design For Testability (DFT) and Static Timing Analysis (STA). Backend consists of Physical Design, IC Layout Design / Mask design (Custom Layout) and Physical Verification.
  • How will MasterVLSI Courses help Fresh Graduates or VLSI Professionals?
    The VLSI is a fast paced complex world which keeps changing, engineers are required to learn new skills as well as improve their current skills for career growth. These courses at MasterVLSI will help you keep up with new skill sets and improver your current skills, all while increasing your general knowledge about VLSI.
  • Is the VLSI Course useful for ECE/EEE students?
    Yes as electronics is the basic knowledge required to get into the VLSI industry, engineers with an electronics background can easily enter the VLSI industry. This course will help ECE/EEE Students to learn and build up the skill set as per the industry requirement to enter the chip/IC Design and verification Domain.
  • How will i be evaluated during my VLSI Course?
    Our VLSI courses follow a continuous evaluation scheme, students are evaluated through various project reports, lab reports, practice tests, assignments and mock interviews.
  • Do you provide corporate training in advanced VLSI concepts?
    Yes we do offer in house as well as on site corporate VLSI training courses. This is designed while keeping in mind the constant ever changing demands of the industry. Students are provided the latest tools, techniques and skills needed to succeed as a verification engineer.
  • Do you have placement assistance for your courses?
    Yes, we do have placement assistance for our students, MasterVLSI collaborates with some top tier companies. All of our students who have completed our course get interview opportunities with these companies.
  • What are the salary expectations as a VLSI engineer?
    As a fresh Graduate you can expect anywhere between 2.6 to 6 lakhs. Product companies do offer higher payments of up to 15 lakhs. As you grow in the field you can expect salary increment.
  • Do we need to pay extra for support material and tools?
    No, you do not need to pay extra for learning material as we provide free library access and tools for our trainees enrolled.
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