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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated Learning

We Offer an Integrate Learning Ecosystem

MasterVLSI also offers industry’s best embedded system training curriculum, covering all aspects of Embedded systems including training on C, Data Structures, C++, industry standard micro-controllers, Embedded C, Standard peripheral protocols, industry standard boards, Linux drivers, RTOS and projects based on all these aspects.

Let MasterVLSI Take You to Higher Grounds

At MasterVLSI, our vision is to empower the next generation of VLSI innovators by enabling excellence, inspiring creativity, and shaping the future of semiconductor design. We are dedicated to driving innovation in VLSI design, nurturing a culture of creativity that pushes the boundaries of semiconductor technology. Our mission is to transform VLSI education by equipping students with industry-relevant skills and knowledge, empowering them to thrive in a rapidly evolving electronics landscape. We believe in unleashing potential and empowering individuals with the expertise and confidence to become leading professionals in VLSI design and related fields.

Software testing

Ensuring the functionality and reliability of software products.

Design For Testability

Learn the techniques to reduce the high cost in time and effort required to generate test vector sequences for VLSI circuits.

Physical design

Learn the process of front end structural netlist to the back end design team to convert into a physical layout database which consists of geometrical design information.

Python full stack

Specializes in developing applications using the Python programming language.

Analog Design VLSI courses

Analog layout

Learn the physical implementation of schematic blocks to the chip top level.

Physical Design VLSI courses

Design and verification

Be the expert at the most significant step in the product development process to confirm that the product or system design complies with the standards and requirements.

MasterVLSI Classes

MasterVLSI Classes

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